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The Living Room Area that Blends with Outdoor

The living room area that blends with outdoor – The atmosphere in the living room is designed differently to unite the living room with the atmosphere of the outdoor space. It can be applied to unify the area in the park that is in the front or the back of the house. Interior and exterior spaces separated only by finishing a glass door in the middle, the height from the surface of the floor to ceiling height reaches of space. Thus, from the free space can see the view outdoors.

the-living-room-area-that-blends-with-outdoor-4 the-living-room-area-that-blends-with-outdoor-7


The Living Room Area that Blends with Outdoor – Besides a green impression will also be felt strongly in the presence of various plants and grasses that surround the entire garden. To present a balanced impression of the room, floor finishing different parts, namely the tiles with gray color. Various furniture with simple shapes and multi-function is used as a space filler. Three seat sofa with the same color with the floor, which is integrated with a desk and shelf rectangular TV cabinet can be applied in the living room.

the-living-room-area-that-blends-with-outdoor-6 the-living-room-area-that-blends-with-outdoor-1

The living room that blends with the area outdoor able fused with ladder equipped with openings or the so-called void. To present the impression of vast, walls and ceiling in white color. Focal points in the room are on one wall that was behind the television cabinet, the walls should be decorated using natural materials neatly as natural stone materials. To the impression of natural stone still looks clean and protected from fungus should be coated with a special paint.

the-living-room-area-that-blends-with-outdoor-8 the-living-room-area-that-blends-with-outdoor

Shelves with wood materials can be applied to this space to add a natural feel. And as lighting at night, kind of light down light selected to provide dynamic effects. Field wall that plated natural stone can be decorated with a photograph or painting to present the impression of comfortable living room.

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