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Design French Country Kitchen Decorating Ideas

When designing a kitchen, most people focus tightly on organization and efficiency. Although the really important considerations, do not forget to give a personality and functionality of your kitchen.
A kitchen classic design theme is the look of the French countryside.

A French country kitchen makes you feel as if you’ve just walked into a cottage in rural France. This kitchen reflects a joy of life and the importance of family and friends. Whether you live in an urban high rise condominium or a split level in the suburbs, you can use the warmth and beauty of the French countryside to bring their own food.
The combination of many small details is what a French country kitchen its vibrant, romantic atmosphere.
Color plays an important role in a French country kitchen. If you entered the kitchen of a home in French country, you will probably find painted or butter or mustard yellow walls with cupboards painted cornflower blue or pink salmon.

Of course, you can choose to make your blue walls and lighter shades as accents.

In Länderküchenvon France, natural light is part of the installation. Window decorations are often simple Roman shades.Choice of fabrics ranging from linen canvas, prints solid bare or even fruit, vegetables or herbs.Speaking of herbs, a simple detail of the French countryside the presence of lavender.

Hang a bunch of dried lavender on a hook on the ceiling or on the wall or standing a bouquet in a vase wall, and bring you the scent of the French countryside to your kitchen.
Accessories for a French country kitchen are almost always functional. A large terracotta vase, or copper plate used as storage for spatulas and other utensils. Made Open, standalone media mills copper or wrought iron maintenance and placemats, napkins and bowls.

Russian ceramic with rooster or herb designs can be displayed if they are not in use on the table on the walls.
A plain, pine work table doubles as a place for family and friends gather for meals or simply to socialize. Ensure a size chart, do not interrupt the flow in the kitchen to choose. If you have a small galley kitchen, you can skip this element.

In the kitchen is the difference between tight and comfortable enough to ruin any mood.

Since French country kitchens are small by nature, their owners make the most of every space. Instead of traditional cabinets they often opt for vertical storage. Wrought iron ceiling grids to keep frequently used pots and handy pans. Pot racks are very popular in kitchens around the world and are therefore easy to find. In fact, you will be surprised by the wide variety of styles and sizes. You can get the look of the French countryside, even if you limited your kitchen does not apply to a pot rack give. Give strong hooks on the wall or on a door solid base saves space in the control cabinet and the country feel of your kitchen.

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